David Paterson Bombshell More a Slight Water Balloon

So the big spot-blowing expose the New York Times had in store for us regarding David Paterson was nothing worth bating breaths about. The scandal meant to shake the governor's mansion to its foundation was the revelation that Paterson's driver and close confidant used to run the streets and hits women.

Now, it's not to say the above aren't serious matters, but when you prepare people for a story that's going to rock a man that's already been rocked by scandal, saying one of his boys is a knucklehead doesn't pass muster. Adrian Chen of Gawker had this to say

there were no sexy Paterson revelations. No drug-fueled orgies spilling into the halls of the Governor's mansion. Tell all your friends: Paterson's closest adviser is sort of a thug. The great phantom David Paterson scandal of 2010 ends with a whimper.



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