Dammit, Joe! Biden Possibly Running For White House in 2020. He Needs to Sit His Old Ass Down, Too

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is looking like he’s going to add his name to the already crowded Democratic primary field and announce that he’s running for the party’s nomination and the chance to take down President Trump.


“I’m giving it a shot,” Biden reportedly said during a phone call with a House Democratic lawmaker who snitched to The Hill.

Former President Obama’s BFF was allegedly talking with the lawmaker about possible campaign strategies and even wanted a sit down in the near future to go over his possible campaign and even reportedly asked for the lawmaker’s support.

Biden has not made a formal announcement and has been doing the coy thing that Hillary Clinton did before she decided to sit this one out. Meanwhile, Biden and his wife Jill had been living their best life, having just returned from vacation in St. Croix in the Caribbean, and they kicked around possible pitfalls of a campaign.

Biden spokesman Bill Russo refuted the idea that the former vice president is absolutely running: “He has not made a final decision. No change.”

On Tuesday morning, Biden teased a 2020 presidential run in front of a crowd of firefighters who chanted, “Run, Joe, run!”

“I appreciate the energy you all showed when I got up here,” Biden told the International Association of Fire Fighters’ annual conference in Washington, D.C., The Hill reports. “Save it a little longer, I may need it in a few weeks. Be careful what you wish for.”


We have to assume that one of these old folks was going to try and put the band back together, and with Clinton out of the race, it looks like it’s going to be Biden. On name recognition alone, Biden will move to the top of the heap as a former vice president and woe of one of the best president’s to every wear a tan suit in office. But other than pushing for a physical fist fight between Biden and Trump, do we really want a Biden presidency? The 76-year-old spirited Biden is the guy you want to have a drink with, not the guy you want running the White House.

Biden brings with him blue-collar appeal that could possible pull voters in middle states. He also brings with him a history of baggage with black folks. I mean he would end up being Obama’s VP for two terms, but he also called Obama “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.” He was against forced busing in the ’70s, which helped to integrate schools, and was one of the leading voices for mass incarceration throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Oh, and he spoke at Strom Thurmond’s funeral, because despite being one of the biggest segregationists in history, he was Biden’s friend.


Several prominent Dems told The Hill that Biden is pretty much in the race, and at this point he’s just checking everything to make sure once he declares that he’s got all his ducks in a row.

Well fuck Biden and his ducks. Has he apologized to Anita Hill? Has he reached out to her, or does he just keep saying that he needs to apologize? Either way, I’m done with the old guard and all the bullshit they bring with them. Hillary Clinton finally admitted that this race has passed her by, and it’s time for Biden to do the same. Unless he can convince Obama or Oprah to be his running mate, only then am I listening.

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This is going to turn into an old off between diamond Joe and Bernie isn’t it?