Thurmeka Muller

When Thurmeka Muller moved into her new home at Timberlodge Apartments in Dallas in August, she immediately noticed that the condition of the bathtub was not up to the standard she expected, so she mentioned it and was promised that it would be fixed.

The tub was never fixed, however, so an upset Muller took to the complex’s Facebook page to write a negative review about her experience, WFAA 8 reports.


“It’s years and years of grime. Just caked on there. And all I wanted was my tub fixed,” she told the news station. “[It] was supposed to be [clean] when I moved in.

“I just went on there and did the review so that everyone else wouldn’t fall for it,” she added.

After some conversation on the page, the complex’s Facebook account retorted with a message containing the n-word in all caps.

"I feel insulted. Degraded. I feel embarrassed. Not cool. At all,” the Iraq War veteran told WFAA 8. “I think that’s outrageous.”


Bridge Property Management, which is in charge of the apartment complex, called the act “cybervandalism” and insisted that the account, which the company says is managed by a third party, was hacked. Muller, however, isn’t buying any of it and may hire an attorney to file a housing-discrimination lawsuit.

Read more at WFAA 8.

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