Curtains for Chris Brown?


Following his life post-abuse, The BVX asks whether the once-promising pop star has done irreparable damage to his career. Below is an excerpt:

Following his epic dust-up with Rihanna in 2009, any self-respecting publicist would force their client into a silent stint of Kanye West proportions — when's the last time you heard from the "I'ma let you finish"-spouting MC?

Touting interviews, ridiculous outfits, twitter whines and even a new album, "Graffiti," released the same year as "the incident," none of Brown's moves were a good look. Adding insult to injury, someone in his circle thought singing the national anthem at the recent Mayweather-Mosley boxing match was a good idea. Not really, considering it's been a little over one year since he 'boxed' Rihanna so that image is still fresh in the public's mind.

In addition, Brown's music just isn't the same. "Graffiti" was rushed and full of overly-produced electronic tracks like "Wait" and "Pass Out;" not to mention what grown man wears leggings and plays with gremlins on their album cover? Did he expect us to ignore the fact that his image had changed dramatically and his new music sounds nothing like the original hits we loved? Chris, we just want to hear "Run It" or "Kiss Kiss," "Graffiti" was not the time to experiment.


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