Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative Christian preacher and regular on Sean Hannity's show, made a comment in a recent video that's probably even too backward for most of his peers. Forget gay marriage and birth control debates — those are so 2012. He's taking it way back, to attack women's suffrage, arguing that America never should have allowed women the right to vote.

In this clip, uploaded in March and published today by Raw Story, Peterson explained that that this put the United States "on a pathway to destruction" and was one of American's "greatest mistakes."

It's not his first controversial comment (surprise!). In 2009 Peterson told Hannity that he thought 96 percent of black voters were racist toward whites. In January he said that he would send black people "back to the plantation," the Huffington Post reports.

Does anyone have a time machine we can stick this guy in to send him back to an era in which he'd be more comfortable? Or at least one without access to television and the Internet to spread his crazed message?


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