A brawl between students at a New York City high school and the NYPD was caught on video, according to DNA Info.


The video, which was uploaded to WorldStarHipHop, runs for two minutes and shows students at Murry Bergtraum High School getting into a brawl with several NYPD officers. Murray Bergtraum is the most overcrowded school in the city.

The fight broke out Thursday morning, a day after another fight involving two 15-year-old students and a 16-year-old student rocked the school.


The video, which was uploaded from a mobile phone, appears to show a cop restraining a female student as a group of other teenagers surround the two and yell. The situation then devolves into a full-blown melee, as officers and students shove each other. Soon after, the video shows, one of the students strikes an officer.

Six students have been issued summonses for disorderly conduct and another for assault.

It is noteworthy that the witnesses to the brawl seemed less concerned with intervening in the conflict and more interested in videoing the situation, willing participants in today's YouTube and WorldStarHipHop culture.

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