John Rigsby (WPVI-TV Philadelphia)
John Rigsby (WPVI-TV Philadelphia)

Don’t look now, but it looks like raucous, white sports fans just trying to have a good time by destroying property actually can get arrested.


WPVI-TV Philadelphia reports that police have arrested a 20-year-old man on charges he damaged a Nissan Rogue SUV that was flipped over during the over-the-top and destructive celebrations in the city following its first Super Bowl win Sunday night.

Police say that John Rigsby from Malvern, Pa. (it’s always those out-of-towners), was among people who flipped the vehicle over, causing dents and scratches to the car.

Rigsby was arrested on vandalism and related charges. The incident was filmed and shared all over the world because that’s how social media does, especially during huge news events, you dummies.

No word yet on the man who ate horse poop (I guess it isn’t a crime to be nasty as hell, but come on) or, my personal favorite, the legend who stole a police horse and who, Twitter claims, alternately rode it naked, tried to sell it on eBay and used it as a negotiating tactic to free Meek Mill.

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