Colbert Slams Fox News Over Abysmal Number of Black Viewers

Comedian Stephen Colbert

Comedian and television show host Stephen Colbert slammed Fox News for their lack of African-American viewers. Fox News finished first for the 100th consecutive month in cable ratings. However, only 1.38 percent of its viewers are black, compared with 20 percent for CNN and MSNBC. The comedian highlighted the network's latest snafu when Greta Van Susteren ran footage of Shirley Sherrod instead of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, whom she was discussing. Colbert called in P.K. Winsome, his Senior Black Viewer, played brilliantly by Tim Meadows, to help Fox News tap into its African-American demographic. He has some suggestions for Colbert, too. Laughing hysterically over here at The Root.

Read more at Huffington Post. Watch video below:

—Nsenga K. Burton


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