C'mon, Son! Cris Carter Is Mad That ESPN Fired Him and Moved on With Stolen 'C'mon, Man' Bit

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Cris Carter

Cris Carter is in his feelings after ESPN's Monday Night Countdown debuted a new lineup without him.

ESPN let Carter walk before the 2016 season began and introduced a whole new team with Steve Young, Randy Moss, Trent Dilfer, Matt Hasselbeck and Charles Woodson.


One of Carter's signature segments was "C'mon, Man," in which they replay the week's biggest NFL bloopers, and then Carter would deliver a rousing "C'mon, man!" at the end of each clip.

On Monday the new hosts moved on with the segment without him.

Carter then tweeted:

Only problem is, the whole bit, the whole "C'mon, man" shtick, is a complete ripoff of Ed Lover's "C'mon, Son," in which Lover would riff on the latest outrageous new clips and punctuate each segment with, "C'mon, son!"

Lover even addressed ESPN's skullduggery in an episode of "C'mon, Son."

I warn you, there is a lot of hip-hop language used in the video below.


In the vein of Ed Lover, I say this to Cris Carter: How you going to blow up doing another man's routine and then be mad that the station fired you and kept the bit that they stole?


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