Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell
Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell

Standards in education have been under fire as they relate to schoolchildren. Has anyone been paying attention to what has been coming out of the mouths of some of these political candidates? In a debate on Tuesday in front of a law-school audience, Christine O'Donnell, running for the U.S. Senate from Delaware, questioned the separation of church and state, challenging her opponent Chris Coons to prove to her that said separation is actually in the U.S. Constitution. What? It's in the First Amendment to the Constitution. The comment drew laughter from the audience and a swift rebuttal from Coons. It appeared as if O'Donnell didn't really know what he was talking about. O'Donnell rose to the national spotlight by beating her longtime GOP opponent in the primary. Perhaps a basic, middle-school U.S. history quiz should be given before candidates are allowed to declare candidacy. Shaking our heads over here at The Root.


Read more and watch the video at The Washington Post.

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