“With a big personality like his dad, Myles and his infectious smile stand out in the group. He is excited to see who will be living on the ranch with him. Though he’s not used to sharing such close quarters with other people, he’s looking forward to moving outside his comfort zone.”

We should also mention the announcement hints at possible romances, because what’s a reality show without two cast members, who have nothing in common, falling in love after spending 30 days together?

“Ebie is now carving her own path as a rising musician and performer in LA. She has a rocky start on the ranch and tends to be squeamish around some of the messier tasks, but she’s hopeful that the life-changing challenges along the way will make her stronger than ever.”


“As a serial entrepreneur, Redmond is no stranger to hard work and determination, but the rigid schedule of ranch life may prove more challenging.”

Look, we’ve had a lot of fun with Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, but it’s always worth acknowledging someone when they’re willing to put their life on public display. Especially when they’re going so far out of their comfort zone.


That being said, we may have to check out the first two episodes, just for the guilty pleasure trainwreck this is sure to be.

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules premieres Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 9 pm on E! Entertainment, with a special preview airing Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 11 pm.