Chicago Woman Charged with Murder After Running Teen Over with Car

Timera Branch's son got in a fight and, as any parent might, she felt the need to intervene.

Branch, 33, did so one night later by finding John Keyes—the boy who'd fought with her son—and running him down with her car as he tried to run away. After having done so, she watched as people she'd been driving around with exited their own vehicles and beat the 17-year old boy to death with baseball bats.


She found a boy who gotten in a minor scuffle with her son, ran him over with a car and watched him get beaten to death with bats. From WLS-TV Chicago

"On Tuesday night, family members visited the scene where police say a woman drove her car into Keyes crushing him against the building. Witnesses say a number of people then got out of cars and beat him with baseball bats.

"They were out of the car and surrounding him. I couldn't tell what they were doing. So, obviously, they were beating him with a bat then as he was already down, basically incapacitated," said a witness who wanted to remain anonymous."

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