Cherry Pickin'

The New York Times: Obama Sends Secret Letter to Russia, Possibly Accompanied By Decoder Ring

TBT: Allegedly, a multi-flag match in the steel cage has been offered as a solution to hostilities.


The Washington Post: Gunmen Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Pakistan

TBT: When the sport of an unstsable region can't remain beyond the reach of terror, that does not bode well for diplomacy.

The Daily Telegraph: Obama Cancels on PM Brown Because of Weather, England Confused

TBT: Brothas don't do snow, guys. Cheers.

CNN: Jindal Admits Obama Is Better Speaker, Grass Is Still Green

TBT: You don't say, governor?

Al Jazeera: 'Chemical Ali' Sentenced To Death. Again.

TBT: Third time is certain not the charm, fella.

ESPN: Search Continues for Missing Boaters

TBT: All we can do is hope and wait.

Politico: Steele More Like Foil, Apologizes To Limbaugh

TBT: According to reports, Rush accepted, but still sent Michael up to his room with no dinner.


Michelle Malkin: A Scolding for Michael Steele

TBT: Now he's definitely going up to his room on an empty stomach.

The Daily Beast: Does Chris Brown Deserve a Break?

TBT: …

The Hollywood Reporter: Angela Bassett to Make Directorial Debut

TBT: Feel free to swoon at any point.

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