"Is 'Pookie' your government name?"

Back in the day, when I admonished biological fathers to be hyper-vigilant about who thier babymama's hooked and shacked up with, I caught alot of flak. Naturally, I was called a "misogynist" (the preferred insult from people who can't articulate a coherent counter-point) and the like. But there seem to be a rash of boyfriends harming children that are not thier own.  Not for nothing, fathers and mothers need to be extra-careful about who thier co-parent has living around the kids.

In Florida, some chick was shacked-up with a cat she admits threatened to kill her and her child. In the heat of some argument, dude may have decided to make good, as Richard Anthony McTear Jr. is alleged to have thrown his ex-girlfriend's baby out the window of a moving car.  Here around my way, some shermed-out emma-effer tried to kill his girlfriend's child but putting it in an oven, in the best interest of the child, naturally.

Both of these SOBs had long, violent records that could have easily be acquired by searching the internet. If you think these women didn't know these cat's were fresh-out, you're naive. Why didn't they know? What, you can order shoes online, but you can't take the time to check out your prespective shack-up? Seriously?

While it's true I've won awards for investigative reporting (that's right), it doesn't take much journalistic skill to click up on your local clerk of courts and run your baby-mama's boyfriend — or your baby-daddy's jump-off — through the criminal database.  While you can't stop anyone from getting on with thier lives, do you know that you can absolutely leverage your rights as a parent and refuse to allow a residential parent to move a felon into a home where your child lives? It's true.

Despite what they tell you, who your co-parent shacks-up with, as it involves your child, is absolutely your business. Be about your kids, and check out the shack-up. They never need to know.


Just handle it.

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