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Hakeem Nosiru (center) and his wife, Abiola
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A Canadian couple won a $50 million lottery jackpot, and all they needed to do was cash the ticket.

Hakeem Nosiru signed the back of the Jan. 17 winning Lotto Max lottery ticket and taped it to the inside of his wife's purse before they went off to church. After returning home, they realized that the ticket was no longer there, the Daily Mail reports.


The couple tore their house apart, turning over furniture and trash cans in hopes of finding the missing ticket, but their frantic search netted them nothing.

"I had a fly in my stomach, and I couldn't sleep for days," Abiola Nosiru told the Daily Mail about the day she realized that her husband's winning ticket was no longer in her purse. "I couldn't eat. I was devastated."

But that devastation turned to joy after a member of their church found the ticket and returned it to Nosiru and his wife almost four months after it had gone missing. Luckily, Hakeem had signed the ticket and included their address.

He then gave the ticket to the Ontario Provincial Police, who had to make sure everything checked out. Once they were cleared, the pair arrived at the prize center Monday to collect their winnings. The Daily Mail reports that the Nosirus plan to travel and help their families. The Daily Mail says that Abiola isn't sure what they planned on doing for the woman who found and returned the winning ticket, but she told her, "I just want to say thank you."


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