I thought once Miss Cleo called it quits the public’s interest in psychics was headed for dry spell.  I guess I should’ve known better once I spotted Vivica Fox in a new lace front wig getting her Dionne Warwick on promoting The Psychic Friends network earlier this year.

Seems like thoughts of stripping, selling eggs, and waiting in line for free chicken aren’t the only new things people are contemplating over whether or not to try.


As it turns out, psychics are all the rage now that our economy has fallen into the great beyond.

And it’s not just lost souls looking for direction. No business men and women are paying big prices in search of answers, too.


Psychic Roxanne Usleman told CNN that business is booming and her clientele is drastically diversifying.

“It’s more types of people I have never seen before…men in the business world, high-powered jobs, stock market, Wall Street.”

She describes her new set of clients as “logical, A-Type of personalities.”

She means people who would normally completely disregard her in more prosperous times.


Those intrigued by Usleman’s line of work should know it isn’t cheap. Sessions can cost anywhere from $135 a reading to $20 a minute.

Is it worth the cost? It depends on who you’re asking.

Kim Manners, a stay-at-home, says she needed a stress reliever to help her cope with the economy. She said after purchasing some crystals for good financial luck from a psychic – which only cost a few dollars a piece – they delivered on their promise.


The very next day she said she found $30 in her purse.

Manners told Florida Weekly: “I figured it can't hurt. The economy was so bad and I was so tired of hearing bad news. It got to where everyone around me was struggling so much it was pulling me down.”


I went to a psychic once. I don’t remember what she said, but it was spot on albeit very general information she probably got from my Twitter.

If going to a psychic can help you cope and figure yourself out, go ahead and have a ball…or a card. Whatever’s clever.


But, if you work in corporate America, don’t let me find out our bailout funds are paying for your tarot card and palm readings.

Are you ready to try a psychic? Have you already?

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Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him on Twitter.

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