Cain Courts Social Conservatives in Virginia

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain (Getty Images)
GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain (Getty Images)

The Associated Press is reporting that GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain campaigned in the battleground state of Virginia before a crowd of about 1,000 Christian conservatives.


Speaking at the annual Family Foundation fundraising gala, he appealed to the crowd by attacking the Obama administration for failing to improve the economy to help parents provide for their children.

"One of the greatest attacks on the family is the economy that is on life support," Cain said according to the AP. "Mothers and fathers wanting a job but can't find a job. Sons and daughters graduating from college and want a career but can't get a career because this economy is stalled."


The blunt and unabashed Cain exhorted Christians, evangelicals, conservatives "and even independents who are in their right mind" to "outvote the stupid people."

The lone black candidate in the GOP field, he said some blacks take him to task for speaking out forcefully against President Barack Obama.

"People say, 'How do you attract the African-American vote,' " said Cain, who bristles at the term and calls himself an American black conservative. "I say 'We've got to save the savable. We're not going to save everybody.' "

… The event was billed as apolitical by its sponsor, a socially conservative nonprofit advocacy group that professes no partisan allegiance.


Source: the Associated Press.

It is clear that Cain is trying to emerge victorious from a crowded a field by using outrageous and divisive rhetoric aimed at African Americans. He'd be better off shining the spotlight on his accomplishments in corporate America. But then again, this is vintage Herman Cain.


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In other news: Black Unemployment Dips As Economy Adds Jobs.

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