Brian Kemp Says MLB Moving All-Star Game Hurts Minorities, Because White People Love Pretending They Know What's Best for Black People

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I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again anyway: White conservatives are annoying AF. Their dedication to being obtuse, gaslight-prone and wilfully disingenuous makes them the living embodiment of nails on a chalkboard, and among their most irritating practices is the one where they pretend to care about race when it suits them.


This is a relatively new practice. For years, conservative pundits and politicians were content in pretending we live in a post-racial America and condemning any and all playing of the proverbial “race card” in any context. Only recently have they started regularly putting the card in play in order to back their own whitesplain-y-ass narratives.

It’s why former-yall’s-President Donald Trump had the Tang-flavored caucasity to declare that Black Lives Matter is actually bad for Black people, and it’s the motivator behind Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s ridiculous argument that raising the minimum wage will hurt Black teenagers the most. Suddenly, white people who should have “What race problem?” engraved on their tombstones have become great negro whisperers and experts of the Black plight who simply know what’s best for communities of color they are not a part of.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp enters the chat.

The Associated Press reports that, while he was speaking to his audience at a seafood restaurant in Atlanta, Kemp continued his bitch-o-thon over Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star Game from the Peach State in response to his decision to sign his little Jim Crow Lite voter suppression legislation.

“It’s minority-owned businesses that have been hit harder than most because of an invisible virus by no fault of their own,” Gov. Brian Kemp said. “And these are the same minority businesses that are now being impacted by another decision that is by no fault of their own.”

It’s unclear whether Kemp actually cited any data that shows moving the game will hurt Black businesses, but it really doesn’t matter because this is coming from the governor of “abracadabra, Black votes don’t matta’.”


From AP:

Kemp spoke along with Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, also a Republican, at a seafood and po’boy restaurant miles from the stadium in a suburb north of Atlanta where the game would have been held, though he said he didn’t think the restaurant was minority-owned.

He has previously criticized MLB’s decision. The game will now be played in Denver. Kemp noted at Saturday’s news conference that Denver has a much smaller percentage of African Americans than Atlanta. And he said MLB’s move has injected politics into the “great American pastime.”

“People shouldn’t have to go to the game and worry about if they’re sitting next to a Joe Biden supporter or a Donald Trump supporter,” he said. “They ought to be able to go to the game, cheer for their team just like if you’re in church worshipping.”


The truth is that Black people have overwhelmingly condemned Kemp as a white nationalist election rigger who cares so little about what Black people think that he treats our votes like disposable junkmail—but clearly, he does that because we don’t know shit; we need white people to tell us what’s good for us and what will hurt us.

With their annoying asses.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

an invisible virus

What the everloving fuck? There are nearly 20,000 dead Georgians and he is still questioning whether it even happened. You just can’t have a discussion with morons like that.