Bowling Alley Shooting in California Leaves 3 Dead, 4 Injured

Latrice Radford reacts as she awaits news on her brother outside Gable House Bowl.
Latrice Radford reacts as she awaits news on her brother outside Gable House Bowl.
Screenshot: Marcus Yam (Los Angeles Times)

At least three men were killed and four more were injured in a shooting at a Torrance, Calif. bowling alley, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The shooting, which was apparently preceded by a fight, was reported at 11:54 p.m. at Gable House Bowl on Hawthorne Boulevard, near Sepulveda.

Officers arriving at the bowling alley discovered multiple people with gunshot wounds and began life-saving treatment. Three men died at the scene. Two injured males were taken to a hospital, and two others opted to seek medical attention on their own.

Officers were trying to identify the gunman or gunmen. No arrests were reported.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the Torrance Police Department took to Twitter to deter residents from approaching the area.


“Reports of shots fired with multiple victims down,” they tweeted. “T P D is on the scene. Investigation is ongoing. Please stay away from the area.”

Jesus Perez, who was inside the bowling alley during the shooting, said he heard about four gunshots before he was eventually escorted out of the building by a security guard.

“We just ran right into the bar and took cover. All we heard was just, like two people got shot,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “We heard there was a big fight before that. We just ran into the bar and we just took cover because after the fight we heard ‘pop! pop!’”

“There was a fight,” said one man who declined to provide his name before walking away. “And then we heard nine gunshots.”

Employees of Gable House Bowl claim violence at the establishment is rare. While they admit that fights have occurred in the parking lot, this type of occurrence is unprecedented.


But these assertions did little to offer solace to the people outside, awaiting the fate of their friends and family.

“I’m getting mad, my God in heaven I’m getting mad,” one woman screamed as they continued to wait for police to provide information. More families were arriving, some in tears.

Latrice Radford was at a movie when she noticed she had missed 25 phone calls. She later found out that her brother, 20-year-old Michael Radford, had been shot.

“We immediately drove down and stopped by Harbor-UCLA Medical Center but we were told he wasn’t there,” Radford said. She was standing behind the police tape, just outside Gable House Bowl, crying and waiting for information about him. Radford said her brother had just turned 20 last month.


Torrance, which is about 20 miles outside of Los Angeles, has a population of about 147,000.

Additionally, anyone with information on the incident is urged to call the Torrance Police Department at (310) 328-3456.

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Before we jump to any conclusions, we should wait to see if any of the victims have any completely irrelevant police records.