Border Patrol Agents to Be Deployed to Sanctuary Cities Because That Makes Sense

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The 2007 Battle of the Billionaires winner currently masquerading as President really wants you to know he’s a white nationalist. If it’s not the continued employment of Stephen Miller despite being outed as a white nationalist, it’s shit like this.


NBC News reports that over the course of February through May, 100 Border Patrol agents will be deployed to 10 different sanctuary cities by order of the Trump administration. This is part of a continued assault on cities that choose to minimally cooperate with immigration enforcement and comes only weeks after the administration banned Global Entry in New York for its sanctuary policies. The Border Patrol agents will assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement in terrorizing arresting undocumented immigrants.

The plan of action here seems vague. Border Patrol typically, you know, patrols the border so them being deployed into actual cities is rather unusual. This feels less like a plan with any real thought behind it and more like the President wasting money and resources to fuel his racist fever dreams. It looks like a fear tactic that’s coming at taxpayer expense. One that will inevitably drive up our already massive deficit. Gotta love the party of fiscal responsibility.

The agents are expected to roll out into cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco and Boston. For a party that prides itself on limited government, this certainly feels like a reach. It’s almost like the Republican party doesn’t believe in anything except fucking the poor and harassing anyone who isn’t white, straight or a man.

You know, given that we have a racist billionaire” president who’s deadset on further turning this country in a police state and killing the planet, I was hoping we’d have some cool technology to help it go down. At least some unique architecture. I’m just saying if white America is going to force us to live out every cyberpunk novel from the late 80s they could at least give us holograms.

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Hey, those Jack-Booted thugs the NRA keeps talking about are actually real! I know those militia will jump right up to protect people because that’s the real reason we have a 2nd Amendment, right? Unless... unless they are just full of shit and don’t actually mean a damn thing they say.