New York Sues Trump Administration Over Global Entry

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Last week, the Trump administration abruptly issued a ban on Global Entry for New York citizens as a result of recent laws in support of undocumented immigrants.

According to Reuters, the city is retaliating by suing the administration. For those unaware, Global Entry programs allow travelers to pre-check in before arriving for their flights. This makes for shorter lines when passing through security. This ban will prevent 175, 000 New Yorkers from renewing their enrollment in these plans and would drop 80,000 pending applications.

The city is suing the administrative as they feel this is a punitive ban in response to their “Green Light Law.” These laws allow undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses as well as limit the access federal immigration agencies have to state records at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


State officials from New York say that this ban is a violation of the state’s constitutional rights which guarantees them protection from federal coercion. This ban, in effect, is an effort by the federal government to get the state to change its laws. An interesting move from the party of “limited government.” I guess “states’ rights” and all that only sounds good when it comes to the subjugation of the nation’s black and brown population.

The state also argued that the ban will make travelers less safe as congested security lines will strain resources and divert security’s attention from “high-risk travelers.” The U.S Justice Department has declined to comment.

I mean, the President is a litigious and vindictive asshole. You knew this, I knew this, no one is surprised here. It’s truly a bizarre spectacle seeing a sitting President punish a state for not being racist. Granted, when we have an administration run by white nationalists, I don’t what else I was expecting. Hopefully, this ban is quickly struck down. Traveling is already hassle without the feds getting involved.

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When Trump is removed from office, the New York Attorney General is going to indict him for numerous crimes.. Donnie will never be welcomed back to his home state but he will get to live in our prisons.