Bomb Threat Causes Plane Sweep at Reagan National Airport

Reagan National Airport (Getty Images)
Reagan National Airport (Getty Images)

CNN is reporting that a bomb threat made at an airport ticket counter in Dayton, Ohio, prompted a search of a US Airways flight that landed safely at Washington's Reagan airport Sunday, authorities said. A law-enforcement official said Sunday afternoon that no explosives were found and the scene was cleared. 


Hours earlier, the FBI, Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration had begun probing reports of "a bomb on board US Airways Flight 2596," FBI spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin said. The flight originated in Dayton and was closer to Washington when the threat was made, "prompting officials to let the plane proceed," Godwin said. The woman who made the threat in Ohio was taken into custody. CNN reports that she may have mental-health issues.

That's a pretty strong "may." What person in her right mind would make a bomb threat in this day and age? One would have to live under a rock, or perhaps be a little "off," to think that would go over well. Whatever the case, thankfully it all worked out. If this woman is mentally ill, then hopefully she can get the help she obviously needs. If it is found that she has all of her mental faculties, then hopefully she'll get the jail time she obviously needs. 


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