Bodies of 2 Detroit Children Found in Freezer; Mother Arrested


Wayne County, Mich., sheriff's bailiffs made a grisly discovery Tuesday morning while executing an eviction notice at the Martin Luther King Apartments in Detroit.


According to the Detroit News, authorities found the bodies of two of the homeowner's children—identified as a boy who would have been 11 now and a girl who would be 14—stuffed inside a freezer.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the causes of death, but 35-year-old Mitchelle Blair, the children's mother, was taken into custody and reportedly confessed, according to police sources who spoke with WXYZ News.


Sources told the news station that Blair reportedly admitted strangling her son in May 2012 and then killing her daughter some nine months later. The news station's source alleges that Blair reportedly caught her son molesting her youngest boy and found that her daughter was repeating the behavior some months later.

Blair has not been charged, but neighbors who spoke with the Detroit News said that they began wondering what happened to the two children when they noticed about a year ago that they had disappeared.

"When people asked her where her other two kids are, she said they were at their aunt's house," Shanetria Lanier told the Detroit News. "Or sometimes she'd tell people they stayed inside because they didn't like to be around people."

Lanier added that Blair homeschooled her children, which is why no schools became concerned.


Blair's two other children have been placed in "protective custody," according to reports. An officer on the case told WXYZ that a mental-competency exam is scheduled for Blair.

Read more at the Detroit News and WXYZ News.

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