Graphic: Blackout for Human Rights

Blackout for Human Rights is urging you to be conscious about your Black Friday sale-hunting instincts and avoid major retailers and corporations violating human rights standards.

For a fifth year, the collective—founded by Ryan Coogler—will kick off a nationwide campaign encouraging shoppers to participate in an economic boycott of “major retailers, and any corporations that violate human rights standards, and/or profit off the pain and suffering of others,” according to a statement from the collective Past statements on the event have pointed at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target—we can probably think of a few more who fit that bill.


As part of a series of free public events that have happened since its launch in 2014, Blackout for Human Rights is hosting a special screening and conversation with Terence Nance, creator of Random Acts of Flyness, and filmmaker and human rights attorney Michèle Stephenson.

The collective has always worked in the intersection of social justice and art, inviting prominent film stars, artists, and activists to bring about change.

If they want to threaten our civil liberties, we’re going to threaten those pockets! Hit them where it hurts. I love it.

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.

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