Black Woman Alleges That All Promotions Went to White Men At New York PATH Station

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An unfortunate reality of the workplace is that the “good old boys” system still runs rampant in many industries. Often times women and people of color are overlooked for promotions and raises in favor of their whiter, male colleagues. This allegedly is the case at Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) rail station according to a black woman who currently works there.


According to NBC News, on Tuesday, Donna Glaesener filed an amended complaint in U.S District Court that alleges PATH engaged in race and sex discrimination as well as retaliation. PATH trains take riders between New Jersey and New York. Glaesener starting working for PATH in 1996 as a conductor. She worked her way up over the years, eventually becoming chief safety supervisor in 2016. It was after earning this position that the discrimination became apparent to her. She claims that there were multiple instances of her applying for promotions and positions she was qualified for only for them to go to her white, male co-workers.

Incidents detailed in the lawsuit include one in 2016 where Glaesener asked about an open position. She was told the position would not be filled only for it to be given to one of her white male co-workers. The job was never publically posted so she and her other co-workers never had a chance to apply. In a similar instance, Glaesener inquired about the position of an employee who was retiring. She was initially told the job would be posted online. It wasn’t. Instead, she heard from a colleague that one of their co-workers was being “groomed” for the position.

Glaesener was eventually offered a new position but was told she would have to quit PATH to apply. Doing so would have forfeited her retirement time so she decided not to go through with it. She found out the job was given to a white employee “who did not meet the minimum qualifications for the position, and who was not forced to resign from PATH or forfeit his time within the PATH retirement system,” according to the lawsuit.

The suit also notes that Glaesener was denied promotions in 2013, 2016 and 2018 in “favor of less qualified white males.” Glaesener still works as an acting superintendent for PATH and is seeking damages.

It’s a damn shame that black women are still forced to navigate this foolishness in the workplace. She’s put in over 20 years for PATH. She should not be struggling to get promotions. Obviously she’s not bad at her job if she managed to work her way up from conductor to acting superintendent. I hope they run Glaesener her bag and stop messing with black women’s money.

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All day, every workplace.

Job discrimination starts and ends with small-minded, racist, sexist, ageist owners/managers hiring HR minions to insure their personal biases translate into everything they do (with sufficient coverage).

MyKinja’s first instinct to try to find dirt on the complaining Black woman rather than her first line supervisor or HR rep or director shows you the purity tests we have to pass (even in our spaces, from our kids and supposed allies) and all you need to know about zem!