Black TV Watch: Tracy Comes to Dinner

(The Root) — On Thursday night, NBC premiered the first episode of what's set to be 30 Rock's final season. The sitcom, which has been on the network for the past six seasons, was every bit as sharp-witted as fans have come to expect. Tracy Morgan was in great oddball form with his unique way of giving relationship advice. Plus: Scandal keeps up with high-drama intrigue over on ABC.


30 Rock (Thursday, 8 p.m., NBC)

"This is wonderful. Tracy Jordan is coming to dinner. Just like on that episode of Family Matters when Tracy Jordan came to dinner." —Kenneth


"Thank you for saying that in dated urban slang so I'll understand you." —Tracy

Highlight: Since things are getting steamy between Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) and Hazel — they've already gone to second base, sharing yogurt — he goes to Tracy (Morgan) for advice about how to keep things going. So of course, after suggesting that Kenneth make her chili naked and feed it to her out of his hands, Tracy heads over to their apartment. After popping Tracy's pet snake into the oven and snacking on some prescription-drug appetizers, they sit down for a chat. Perfectly normal.

Scandal (Thursday, 10 p.m., ABC)

"Well, we found him." —Abby

"We just had to carry 300 pounds of pastor up the stairs and put him to bed. Where are you?!" —Olivia


Highlight: Just after her nightly boo loving with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), Olivia (Kerry Washington) gets a call from the wife of his longtime friend the Rev. Drake. It seems that he's gone missing. The team tracks his credit card to a strip club and busts down the door to his hotel room across the street to find him. He's big, dead and on top of a woman who is handcuffed to the bed. This is why we love this show.

Watch the episode here.

Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.

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