Black TV Watch: 'Swing State Hell' Skit on 'Daily Show'

Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)
Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

(The Root) — The late-night shows have it. From a hip-hop great who's made a big career move to saving ourselves from advertising disaster, it was all very, very entertaining.


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Thursday, 12:35 p.m. ET; NBC)

"When it comes to money, things get funny." —RZA

Highlights: We know and love him as one-ninth of the Wu-Tang Clan, but now we can call him something besides a great rapper. RZA's making his directing debut and doing a little acting, too, (like the rhyme?) in The Man With the Iron Fists. On last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, RZA talked about making the movie with Quentin Tarantino.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Thursday, 11 p.m. ET; Comedy Central)

"Jon, the advertising onslaught here has been devastating. Obviously, we've taken shelter in this underground bunker but from what I've been hearing on the outside, tragically, almost 99 percent of the population here in Ohio still has electricity." —Wyatt Cenac

"It's not all bad, Jon. There is a real sense of community our here amongst the suffering. I mean, neighbors are helping neighbors stack sandbags to hold back the campaign-ad onslaught, huddling together around WiFi dead spots." —Wyatt Cenac

Highlight: Tired of Hurricane Sandy coverage? Say hello to Wyatt Cenac, swing-state analyst. He's out in Ohio where people are facing a disaster of different proportions — too much campaign coverage! Our advice? Get your bottled water and turn off the TV, it's going to be a while.


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
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