(The Root) — What flavors Thanksgiving dinner better than a good dose of drama? Maybe a sprinkle of comedy? You're in luck, because between brewing catfights, first dates for older women and a peek inside life as a music exec, we have it all right here.

Basketball Wives LA (Monday, 8 p.m. ET, VH1)

"Oh, my God, Laura. You're sick. Like seriously sick. You need mental-health counseling immediately. You're the one that need medication. You're the kooky one because I didn't do anything to you." —Jackie

"I'm like, 'Um, Jackie Jr., you are so unprofessional right now that it's ridiculous.'" —Brooke

Highlights: What's the formula for Basketball Wives drama? One all-white party plus one Jackie dressed in black from head to toe equals drama. Simple as that.

Draya throws an all-white party, and Jackie is the only one who seems to have missed the memo that you must wear all-white to an all-white party. Draya would love to throw her out, but just as she's about to, Jackie hands her a present.


The party also sets the scene for things to get heated between Jackie and Laura. Now it's Jackie who's saying that Laura needs mental help, while Bambi defends Jackie's honor.

We know this is just the beginning.

Basketball Wives LA 2

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle (Monday, 9 p.m. ET; VH1)

"You should just wear this right here with nothing on." —Shekinah

"She look real, real, real raunchy. He will give you some tonight." —Shekinah

"Let me take y'all picture. Get close to Precious because she ain't been on no damn date in forever." —Shekinah


Highlights: T.I's sister, Precious, is going on her first date in a while, so Tiny, Shekinah and company help her buy a new dress for the event. But maybe using surveillance equipment to monitor her and make sure her behavior is dateworthy is going too far. Especially when Shekinah gets up and asks the couple if they want a photo taken and comments on Precious' butt and the size of her date's feet.

Plus, Major goes to his first day of school. And what's a better transition than having your famous daddy read your new classmates a book?

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Tuesday, 12 a.m. ET; ABC)

"Do they ever cry in the office with you?" —Jimmy Kimmel

"Some of them should, I swear." —L.A. Reid

Highlight: Aside from wondering how he accomplishes a shine-free baldie, we've always wanted to know what it was to be an X Factor judge and famous record producer like L.A. Reid. Well, apparently he really doesn't like working with the 25-plus crowd. And he also didn't sign Lady Gaga when he had the chance. Hmm … decisions, decisions.


Watch part 1 below and part 2 here.

Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.