(The Root) — Just before Joe Biden's slam dunk at last night's vice presidential debate, 30 Rock aired a little campaign coverage of its own. No matter where your political allegiances lie, this is funny.

30 Rock (Thursday, 8 p.m., NBC)

"Paul Ryan dropped out of the race last night … Turns out he was actually born in Kenya. Not a lot we can say about that one." —Jack


"Okeydokey-doo, America." —Bob Dunston

"It ain't getting any easier now that Obamacare has extended our life expectancy. Let me die in an emergency room with a treatable disease, like an American." —Kenneth's Mom

Highlight: Just in time for the debates, it's presidential comedy with 30 Rock! Ooh, fun. On this episode, Paul Ryan drops out of the race and is replaced by Gov. Bob Dunston, who looks "just like Tracy." Of course, everyone on the NBC team thinks this is comedic gold, but for Jack (Alec Baldwin) it's a no-go. Since he's trying to tank NBC and he's a Republican, this comedic blessing is not what he wants, but Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) puts Tracy (Morgan) on TV as Dunston anyway. Turns out, after resegregating Alabama city schools and having a long-standing sexual relationship with a statue, Dunston isn't the American people's favorite guy. The people just needed something to laugh about.

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Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.

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