Black TV Watch: Murders, Modeling and Music

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(The Root) — This weekend's black television highlights include not-so-model behavior from the ladies on the new season of America's Next Top Model. Plus, Sunday night heated up with murder and music on 666 Park Avenue and Treme respectively. We run down a few highlights here.   

America's Next Top Model: College Edition (Friday, 8 p.m.; CW)

"I like Victoria as a person. I see, just, this lost child and I kind of just want to step up and be that person for her." —Kiara


Highlight: This week's big drama was Vicki's "stress relief" of choice: an eating disorder. Self-proclaimed house mother Kiara, 22, decides that she wants to help Vicki and takes her under her wing when they’re on the same team for a "random acts of modeling" challenge. Maybe the models should work on some random acts of kindness instead, because between the stress of the challenge and the "concerned" reprimand that Tyra serves up at elimination, it doesn't look as if Vicki will be around for very long.  

Watch here.

666 Park Avenue (Sunday, 10 p.m.; ABC)

"Fascinating! I love a murder mystery." —Gavin

Highlight: One of the most devilish shows on prime-time television airs on Sunday, and this week it was a very bloody Sunday. Aside from the affair we knew was coming between Brian (Robert Buckley) and his neighbor, Alexis (Helena Mattsson), across the street, it was all about murder this week. The exterminator hired to get rid of birds that infest the building gets killed by the animals, in a very Hitchcockian way. Jane (Rachael Taylor) also finds an old article about a murder that took place in the building, and it's revealed that it was a woman named Danielle who has been living in the Drake for more than 50 years. Danielle kills yet another date in this episode. Of course, she's made a deal with Gavin (Terry McQuinn). And of course, this is all happening with the help of our favorite evildoer, Olivia, played by Vanessa Williams.

Watch here.

Treme (Sunday, 10 p.m.; HBO)

Highlight: Sunday in the Big Easy was filled with music. The title of this episode ("Me Donkey Want Water") is also the title of a song on the well-known 2005 Voice of the Wetlands album. Musicians who played on that album — including Tab Benoit, Monk Boudreaux and Anders Osbourne — perform a few songs in this episode. Plus, Annie (Lucia Micarelli) signs with a manager and starts touring more with the Bayou Cadillac band. Davis (Steve Zahn) stays focused on the Katrina opera he's been working on, and Aunt Mimi agrees to help him make a benefit CD for New Orleans musicians. Antoine (Wendell Pierce) cheats while he's out on the road with Guardians of the Flame. Yup, that's life as a musician.


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