Black Oklahoma Student Knocks MAGA Hat Off White Teen’s Head. Now He’s Facing Charges

Black Oklahoma teen faces possible assault charge after knocking “Make America great again” off student’s head.
Black Oklahoma teen faces possible assault charge after knocking “Make America great again” off student’s head.
Screenshot: Youtube

A black Oklahoma high school student is facing possible criminal charges after cellphone footage shows him knocking the Klan MAGA cap off of a white teen’s head, and grabbing the Führer supporter’s “Trump 2020” flag and throwing it to the ground.


The incident happened at Edmond Santa Fe High School and has since gone viral on social media.

KOCO 5 News obtained the cellphone video which shows the black student in a vest confronting the white student who is wearing a Donald Trump USA hoodie and a “Make America Great Again” hat with a “Trump 2020” flag draped on his back. The kid in the vest can be seen knocking the cap from the student’s head. The video also appears to show the black teen grabbing the Trump flag and throwing it down.

Or maybe the black teen wasn’t assaulting the student. Perhaps he was merely helping his white compatriot with his fashion as both the hat and the flag looked better on the ground.

The news station notes that the incident happened “during Edmond Santa Fe High School’s Double Wolf Dare Week, when students can dress up and go to assemblies as part of a fundraising effort.” KOCO-5 notes that an assault and battery summons has been issued for the black teen, who has not been charged with an actual crime. The Trump teen has five days to meet with the city attorney to determine if he wants to press charges.

“The school district honors students’ First Amendment rights but must, at the same time, be vigilant in teaching and supporting students as they learn how best to respectfully express their opinions,” Edmond Public Schools said in a statement viewed by KOCO-5.


The black student told the news station that he planned to apologize to the teen, but the teen’s family is going to pursue criminal assault charges.

Both the hat and the flag suffered minor bruises and were treated by medical officials at the school.


Thoughts and prayers.

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