Black Joy Is in the Way We Create the Culture

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Have you done the #BussitChallenge? Are you enjoying all the #SilhouetteChallenge videos? Do you follow Jay Nedaj on Twitter and get your laugh on? Are you familiar with #DontRush, #Savage and #CaptainHook challenge?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, thank the next Black person you see.

I have long held the theory that there is no “American” culture. “American” culture is actually Black culture. We start the trends. We create the styles. We are the mold and the prototype, and whether anyone else wants to admit it or not, they want to be us—or at least, they want to be like us.

I feel tremendous joy and satisfaction in knowing this. Every time I see a non-Black person pay to get an ass, or titties, or their lips plumped up; every time I see some uncoordinated person trying to emulate the way we dance; every time I see young white kids rapping the lyrics to my favorite rap songs, I give a salute to Black culture.

We make the best memes. We are the real stars of social media. Our reality shows are way more interesting, and our hairstyles threaten them so much, we’ve had to legislate just so we can do our damn thing.

We are the Alpha and the Omega.

We are infinitely talented, filled with soul, the life of the party, and the gotdamn party.


And even when they shit on us, deep inside, I know it’s because they envy us.

We have been in this country for over 400 years. We have been abused, let down by the so-called “American dream,” disparately hunted down and killed by modern day slave patrols, gotten knocked down time and time again by the farce that is “all men are created equal.”


And still, we fucking rise, bitch.

There will be people in the comments talking their shit. They will call me racist, say I am the real problem, ask why I make everything about race, and accuse me of being divisive.


But, they will still be here, every single day, reading our words, soaking in our thoughts, stewing in their own anger, and unable to really explain why they are so upset.

Black culture. Y’all cannot get enough of it.

And I take joy in that.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.


The fact that we can still find joy inside our tears (h/t Stevie Wonder), that we still got jokes despite the pain and misery and they have no Kryptonite that can stop our happiness...that’s beautiful.