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CNN anchor and correspondent Soledad O'Brien and PBS moderator and senior correspondent Gwen Ifill were inducted on Monday into the black sorority Delta Sigma Theta as honorary members, joining the ranks of scores of prominent African-American women.

O’Brien broke the news on Facebook and Twitter with this announcement:

"Amazing day in DC 
 today I became an honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta, along with PBS colleague Gwen Ifill. I must have hugged 200k Deltas!"

(OK, since Soledad has now hosted Black in America and become a member of a black sorority, can those of you still wondering, "Wait, does she actually identify as black?" squash the question once and for all?)

CNN's Roland Martin (err, we mean, Big Brother Action News) reverted to his college frat days and got into the fun, tweeting to the two of them, "So @pbsgwen Ifill & @soledad obrien, new Deltas, I do expect to be called Big Brother Action News! Pi O/A Phi A, bruhs know about that! '06"

Any organization would be proud to have these two groundbreaking journalists as members, and it sounds as if they've been welcomed with open arms. Who else would you like to see invited? (Don't say Michelle Obama — she's already an honorary AKA.)


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