Black Folks Behaving Badly


It used to be that black folks as a people did not behave badly in public.  You all know what I mean.  You have been in the grocery store and watched in shock as children of another "hue" lay on the floor, acted out, and talked back to their parents.  It used to be that we had decorum, shame, and some sense of pride about ourselves.  However, the last few weeks have left me wondering what has happened to the best, brightest, and most talented among us? We saw Serena Williams act a complete fool on the Tennis Court and be fined $10,000; then it was Kanye West at the VMA awards rudely interrupting young Taylor Swift's award acceptance, the week before that White House Green Job Czar Van Jones was caught on tape saying some, well, interesting things about Republicans, and the issue of race in America.  Then to top it all off, ACORN workers (black and female) were busted in a sting operation allegedly assisting a prostitute and pimp to bring in teenage prostitutes to America.  WTH?

I spoke with my grandmother (she is 80) and she is appalled at what she feels is a significant decline in moral values and basic courtesy among African Americans in the country.  I agree.  Couple our actions with all of the white outrage that we see broadcast in the form of protest rallies, Tea parties, and prayer for the death of our President (by a Pastor), leaves me wondering has the world gone mad?


My point is this: Black folks need to get back to some core values.  We didn't always act this way.  We were church going, law abiding, hard-working, patriotic, self-less people who worked in our communities, helped our fellow man, and who when we were at the top of our success (like Kanye and Serena) understood that we were serving as role models to our black children.  Don't get me wrong many of us still do the aforementioned, but not the majority of us sadly. Black folks we have got to stop behaving badly, before our bad behavior destroys what is left of our once great legacy as a people.


Sophia A. Nelson is an award-winning journalist and author of the best-selling book The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life. Follow her on Twitter.