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As the Affordable Care Act remains in jeopardy, BET's Cord Jefferson focuses on studies that show how it will affect the African-American community if the Supreme Court declares the law unconstitutional.

With the legality of President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act now being considered in the nation’s highest court, millions of Americans await a ruling to figure out what’s going to happen with their health care. One subgroup paying particular attention, of course, is the African-American community …


The problem? Much of it comes back to unemployment. For a variety of reasons, Blacks are jobless more, meaning they get insurance through their employer — the leading access to health care — less frequently than others. Of Blacks who do have jobs, many have part-time gigs, which typically don’t offer adequate health-care coverage …

Even with the ACA things are not rosy for African-Americans and health care. Without the law, however, things simply get that much worse.

Read Cord Jefferson's entire piece at BET.

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