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Police in Houston are still trying to piece together how a teen's 18th-birthday house party turned into a mass shooting, leaving two kids dead and 22 people wounded.


Around 11 p.m. Saturday night the party—which was heavily promoted on Twitter and Facebook—was in full swing.

"Out of no apparent provocation, someone discharged a firearm in apparent celebration of the music," Sheriff Adrian Garcia told the Associated Press.


That single gunshot set off confusion and a series of ensuing gunshots aimed at the crowd of some 100 people, most of them ages 17 to 19.

Police told the AP that investigators are looking for two gunmen, one of whom is believed to be about 17 years old, and the other, about 22.

Police have not confirmed but some partygoers have speculated that the two people being sought were hanging around outside of the house because they refused to let the bouncers pat them down.

"Anytime you have to factor in a bouncer and being searched at the door, you have already taken a turn for the worse," Garica told AP. "It's a horrible combination of immaturity, access to a firearm and the inability to control one's self."


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