Bill O’Reilly Blames Roseanne for Proving That White Racism Is Alive and Well in America

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Y’all, Roseanne Barr has pissed Bill O’Reilly all the way off.

He is upset by the racist comment she made about Valerie Jarrett. He was so upset that he took to his personal website Wednesday to write a short note condemning her.


I’m not going to link to his website, but I will share with you what he wrote, and you are free to go looking for it yourself. The site is his first name and his last name, followed by “.com.” The post is titled “Racial Angst in America.”

Yeah. Get ready.

O’Reilly opens by saying:

The stunning fall of Roseanne Barr has implications all over the place but the primary damage is to America. By attacking former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett in a gross personal way, Ms. Barr has sent a signal to the nation’s 46 million African-Americans that white racism is indeed alive and well.

He wastes no time getting to his point. He’s not offended that Barr would make the racist remark; he’s offended because the tweet is one more piece of evidence to support a truth that white people keep trying to deny, day in and day out:

White racism is alive and well in America.

I know it because I have been experiencing it myself over the last few days, ever since the “Make America great again” folks and Roseanne stans got hold of my “Ben Carson is a monkey of the porch variety” tweet.


But poor Bill. He felt like it was America’s best-kept secret. Guess what? It’s not.

“Ms. Jarrett served her country energetically,” O’Reilly writes. “She was always respectful to me and I dealt with her often.


“Ever since Donald Trump was elected President the far left has branded the USA as a country run by ‘white supremacists.’ Even everyday Caucasian folks are described as having ‘white privilege’ by ideological loons,” he continues.

Ah, yes. The denials. He has to make it seem like everyone else in the world is crazy for speaking the truth. It doesn’t matter all the evidence to the contrary—O’Reilly wants you to believe that there are no white people who are racist, there is no white supremacy and anyone who says different is a nut job.


Like O’Reilly himself.

“The allegations are nonsense but millions of people believe them,” he laments. “Now, the false generalizations are harder to refute.”


“False generalizations”—as if there isn’t evidence every single day of white people using their privilege to weaponize the police against black people. As if the rampant killings of black men at the hands of police—with impunity—are a figment of our imaginations. We’re making it all up, says Bill.

“For example, the football players protesting the American flag are no doubt more confident in their dissent after Ms. Barr launched her racist tweet,” he writes. “The gulf between those Americans who see their country as oppressive and those who see it as basically noble, has just widened considerably.”


Hmm. Who can tell me which people in this country see America as basically noble? What color are they? What color are the people who feel as though they are oppressed here? Is there actual historical evidence of their systemic and systematic oppression? Please respond.

O’Reilly is as disconnected from reality as all the “MAGA” nitwits and Roseanne stans who have been going on for days about how her rights are being violated. They only care about rights when it’s one of their own.


The rights of black Americans don’t matter to them at all.

O’Reilly’s entire post and the sentiments expressed within are even further proof that racism, white privilege and white supremacy are still alive and well in America.


And since we know the Kinja comments will be full of people telling me how I’m wrong and I’m the real racist for even talking about race or pointing out racism—I’ll issue my pre-emptive “I said what the fuck I said, bitch.”

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.



This coming from the same Bill O’Reilly who went to a soul food restaurant and was surprised that black people know how to behave.