BET's Debra Lee: Network Has Improved Image


Black America Web is reporting that BET CEO Debra Lee says her cable channel has righted the ship in terms of its programming, and she hopes that her recent decisions will at least quiet critics. BET has been heavily critiqued by audiences, critics, churches and academics for its nihilistic portrayal of black culture in general, and negative images of black women specifically, over the last three decades. Much of that criticism was aimed at BET's music-video programming.

In an effort to "right the ship," BET has introduced original programming like The Game, which BET picked up after the CW canned the popular series, and Let's Stay Together. The network is also more "selective" about the types of music videos it airs, has plans for more documentaries and is considering a drama.

Even though it will take decades to undo the damage that BET has done in terms of its imagery, it is good that the network is consciously making decisions about its programming. It's too bad BET didn't do that from the beginning. Who knows what it might have become?

Read more at Black America Web.

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