Ben Carson Visits Miami Public Housing and Gets Trapped in ‘the Sunken Place’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was only on his third stop of a two-day Miami visit when he got trapped in the elevator, but I’d like to think that the elevator was actually in “the sunken place.”


According to the Miami Herald, “Carson, Miami-Dade County Public Housing Director Michael Liu and five other people got stuck inside an elevator Wednesday on the way down from a visit to the rooftop of the Courtside Family Apartments in Overtown.”

To make matters worse, Miami Heat basketball legend Alonzo Mourning, whose nonprofit AM Affordable Housing developed the complex with Miami’s Housing Trust Group, was waiting for the group in the building’s lobby while the damn Fire Department had to pry the jammed doors open.


Because Mourning’s place in the black community is thoroughly solidified, the former NBA great, who was supposed to go on the tour with Carson, was running late and was spared the horrors of the sunken place. The Herald reports that Liu took Carson on the tour without Mourning, and in turn the former Miami Heat star avoided being trapped in an elevator with the Migos of politics.

Of course Twitter had fun with the idea that Carson was trapped in an elevator.


The Herald notes that Carson took the incident in good spirits, smiling as he emerged from the sunken place. I still don’t know what’s worse: being trapped in an elevator or being trapped in an elevator with Ben Carson.


Read more at the Miami Herald.

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I think ya’ll got it all wrong. Ben Carson, the real one, has been in the sunken place since 2003 when Stom Thurmond “died”. This is facts people, don’t @ me...