Because the Trumps Can’t Stay Off Twitter, Lil Donnie Implied That the Comey Memo Is True

Donald Trump Jr. (David Becker/Getty Images)

When will all of the Trumps, any of the damn Trumps, learn that Twitter is not their friend? In fact, the only thing Twitter has proved to do for the Trumps is create a complete timeline of dumbass comments that generally tend to contradict policy, law or both.

Because scandals in the White House are moving faster than my poor little fingers can type, let’s go back a bit.


On Monday, news broke that President TrumPutin, during a meeting between himself and then-FBI Director James Comey, reportedly asked Comey to stop investigating his comrade, former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn was, and still is, knee-deep in all kinds of foreign scandal, and he is also one of TrumPutin’s boys. After the meeting, as reported by the New York Times, Comey wrote a memo noting that the president asked him to chill on his investigation.

On Wednesday, Geraldo Rivera, the slimeball dirtbag with the mustache the size of a sweatpants leg, tweeted:

To which Donald Trump Jr., aka Lil Trump, aka Donnie Fuck Face Jr., agreed, tweeting:


Let’s say that Lil Trump agreed with Sweatpants-Leg-Mustache Rivera; he didn’t need to tweet it, but this Twitter-happy family can’t stay off the interwebs. And, of course, because journalists are also on Twitter, someone asked his dumb ass about it.


To which Junior Fuck Face responded:


No, Fuck Face Jr., your father is a damn mess, and as such, no one knows what the hell is going on in the White House, so at this point it’s all believable, even your dumbass tweets.

Also, you will never be Ivanka, ever!

Also ... also, can we definitively say that Eric Trump is not a vampire?

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Read more at the New York Times.

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