Bad and Boujee: Atlanta Takes the Title of America's Blackest City

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America's Blackest CityFor Black History Month, we asked writers to explain why they think their hometown, current residence or notable place deserves the title of America’s Blackest City by defining a city’s history, music, cuisine, notable figures, and cultural touchstone/unique black fact.

The readers have spoken, and they’ve named Atlanta America’s blackest city!

In our utterly unscientific but completely black-ass poll that capped our monthlong series in which we challenged writers to explain why their city deserved the title of blackest city in America, Atlanta collected slightly more than 21 percent of the votes (the second highest vote-getter was Detroit, with 13.29 percent).


It should come as no surprise that Atlanta—the city that was the stand-in for Wakanda, the place where real housewives are bad and boujee, the metropolis that inspired the hit TV show named after it—won the top prize. As Forbes notes, Atlanta ranks No. 1 for places where black folks are excelling economically. It has the most black-owned businesses per capita of any major city, and 20 percent of black workers are their own boss, the highest rate in the nation.

Or as Michael Harriot wrote in his essay:

Atlanta is New York City without the smell of urine and having to sell a kidney to rent a broom closet-sized apartment. It’s Chicago without the arctic breeze and having to coordinate the way you cock your hat depending on the neighborhood you’re in. It’s L.A. without the superficial pretense, the wildfires, the mudslides, the droughts and the earth beneath your feet occasionally deciding to krump dance.

… Atlanta is the culture.

So congratulations, Atlanta. Stay black.

Illustration for article titled Bad and Boujee: Atlanta Takes the Title of Americas Blackest City

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Well, Detroit came in at number 2. With the post-2009 influx of gentrifiers and the embarrassment that was Kwame Kilpatrick, we ain’t as Black as we were.

Hell, even our outfits ain’t as coordinated as they once were...

But don’tchall ever forget...Motown BUILT the Black Middle Class and every car you ever made out in, cruised in or even felt smooth driving in! We’ve braved cold, grey days, back-breaking hard work, virulent up North racism and potholes so big they swallow your car but don’t ever count us out! As Detroit goes for Black people, so goes the nation!