Auntie Unfiltered Talks Country With Mickey Guyton

Although country music can trace some of its roots to Black people, Black artists in country music are often viewed as an anomaly. They are the exception, and not the rule, so when one chooses that path, it is bound to make an impact.

Meet 37-year-old Mickey Guyton, the Black woman who is taking the country music world by storm.


Born in Arlington, Texas, Mickey told Auntie Unfiltered that she has always loved performing country music. It’s in her heart and her blood.

On Sunday, she will make history by hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards alongside country music legend Keith Urban. Mickey was happy to tell us that she will not be the only representation we see on the screen that night. She said she is proud to kick the door open and hold it for other Black artists and artists of color to break barriers in country music.


“I’ve been pursuing music for a long time, and I was trying so hard just to be accepted in this genre versus accepting who I am and knowing that I will have a fanbase that finds me just being who I am,” she said.

She told me she knew it was important for her to be in this genre as a Black woman, but she didn’t really understand the importance of it until she started holding that door open for other Black women in the genre.

“I realized that it’s not enough for just one of us to make it. Every single one that I meet needs to come in that door with me. We are walking through this door together.”

Mickey said she is seeing the change, and we love to see it.

The 2021 ACM Awards will air live on April 18 at 8 p.m. on CBS and Paramount+. Tune in to see Mickey host as well as perform.


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