Atlanta Woman Brutally Beaten Over Hamburger

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Myriah Pointer

A 23-year-old Atlanta woman claims that three woman attacked her during a night of drinking, allegedly dragging, punching and kicking her and pulling her hair, and leaving her with two black eyes, a chipped tooth and a concussion.

The reason Myriah Pointer was brutally attacked, she believes: a hamburger.

Pointer told WSB-TV that the incident began early Sunday morning after she accidentally sat on one of her friend's hamburgers while playing a drinking game. The attack, which was videotaped by the boyfriend of one of the girls, shows Pointer being confronted while she sits on a couch.


The footage, which made its way to several social media sites, has also been viewed more than 100,000 times on WorldStarHipHop.

For more than two minutes Pointer is punched, kicked and dragged throughout the apartment.

"I was held down and stomped until I was unconscious. Once I gained consciousness, they were still beating and stomping me," Pointer posted on her Facebook page, along with photos of her face after the attack.

Pointer claims that the women then held her captive at the apartment for some three hours before she was finally able to call an aunt to pick her up.


According to a police report viewed by the New York Daily News, Pointer stated that she didn't want to call police from the apartment because she didn't feel safe doing so.

Pointer has taken her story to Facebook in search of justice.

"I am BLESSED to be alive and I need justice to be served because I DID NOT deserve this," she wrote. Pointer also added that she doesn't believe the Atlanta police are "taking this as serious as it is."


According to the Daily News, the police are investigating the incident and charges are forthcoming.

Read more at WSB-TV and the New York Daily News

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