Carey Gabay
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Authorities have arrested a 24-year-old man, Micah Alleyne, for the shooting death of Carey Gabay, an aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the New York Daily News reports.

Alleyne is now facing charges of murder, reckless endangerment and weapons possession in connection with the September 2015 gang shooting that resulted in Gabay's death.


“As I have said from the beginning, we are determined to get justice for Mr. Gabay and his family. And we will continue to press forward until we hold everyone responsible for his death accountable," Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said, according to the Daily News.

Alleyne is being held without bail.

According to the report, Alleyne is but the first of "several defendants" being rounded up in connection with the death.


Gabay was killed when a stray bullet struck him in the head after he got caught in the crossfire of the gang shooting during a J'ouvert celebration before the West Indian American Day Parade.

Gabay died after several days on life support.

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