Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Tells Anti-Stay-at-Home Protesters to Dress Like Healthcare Workers

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I’m not sure if being an asshole crosses party lines, but man, there sure are a lot of assholes in the Republican Party.


Like Dr. Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the round table of assholes more commonly called the Arizona Republican Party, who recently encouraged stay-at-home protesters to wear scrubs and masks to look like the healthcare workers, who have had to stop their very busy day of saving lives to protest against these assholes.

“Planning protest to #ReOpenAmerica? EVERYONE wear scrubs & masks - the media doesn’t care if you are really in healthcare or not - it’s the ‘message’ that matters,” she wrote because she’s an asshole.

From CNN:

Ward’s comments come a few days after she questioned the authenticity of a small group of health care workers in Colorado who counterprotested against people calling for the state to reopen.

“EVEN IF these ‘spontaneously’ appearing ppl at protests against govt overreach (sporting the same outfits, postures, & facial expressions) ARE involved in healthcare - when they appeared at rallies, they were actors playing parts #Propaganda #FakeOutrage,” Ward tweeted last week.

Maybe Ward isn’t really a doctor. Maybe she’s a doctor the way that Dr. Dre is a doctor. Or maybe she is a doctor—the doctor of assholes. Either way, I don’t have the energy or the wherewithal to Google this woman and see her shitty face.

Needless to say, the Arizona Democratic Party didn’t care for Ward’s tweet and slammed her for mocking healthcare workers during a global pandemic.


“If anyone’s status as a healthcare professional should be questioned it’s Dr. Kelli Ward’s, considering her unwillingness to promote the advice of health experts. Irresponsible, shameful tweets like this do nothing to help people afflicted with the virus or the health care heroes who are working to save lives,” Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, said in a statement Saturday, CNN reports.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, and by default an asshole, issued a stay-at-home order and ordered all nonessential businesses to stay closed until April 30. But white people have a problem with being told “no.” So instead of waiting until this clears up, or at least gets a bit better, they are protesting and raging against the machine because they want so badly to be oppressed because of Handmaid’s Tale.


Yep, all of this has to do with Handmaid’s Tale, the fictional oppression and enslavement of white women, which white people can’t get enough of. They love it even more than The Wire. And what they aren’t going to do is go back to a time (that didn’t exist) in which they were enslaved (they were never enslaved) and being forced (they have never been forced) to stay on lockdown (they have never been locked down).

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And they crowned her Queen of the Karens; Requester of Managers; Demander of Refunds; Denier of Tips; Narc; Window Peeper and Creeper; Friend of No Woman, but A Real “Gal’s Gal”; PTA President for Life; Sorority Vice-President or Treasurer (but never President); always trying to lose that last 10 lbs; gets Botoxed at the strip mall; never made the cheerleading squad and now we ALL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT:

(I mean, come on...)

Kelli (I bet she dots that i with a heart) Ward!