Arizona Cardinals Hiring Kliff Kingsbury Proves That Mediocre White Men Stay Winning

Arizona Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill (L) and general manager (R) Steve Keim introduce the new head coach Kliff Kingsbury to the media at the Arizona Cardinals Training Facility on January 9, 2019 in Tempe, Arizona.
Photo: Norm Hall (Getty Images)

I believe it was comedian DL Hughley who said that a homeless white man is a shower away from being a manager and it looks like Kliff Kingsbury is all showered up as the former college head coach without a winning record was recently announced as the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Five of the eight head coaches fired by NFL teams this year were black. Despite the fact that 70 percent of the league’s players are African American, none of the six head coaches team hired since the end of the season are black.


At most, Kingsbury biggest resumé accomplishment is being a white man. I have not run his full DNA makeup, but by the look of things, he is, in fact, a white man and he’s now the coach of an NFL team after being fired from his old job with a dismal 5-7 campaign with Texas Tech in 2018.

Kingsbury shouldn’t be a head coach in the NFL. Full stop. Stop again. Stop some more.

Kingsbury shouldn’t be near the NFL. He had a losing record at Texas Tech, having gone 35-40 and was the first coach with a losing record at the college since Jerry Moore in 1982-85. Kingsbury was then hired on as the offensive coordinator at USC and before he could even make a tuna fish sandwich on white bread with no crust, he was given the head coaching position in the NFL.

From the Big Lead:

Kingsbury basically failed his way into a head coaching gig at the highest level. His only experience as a head coach was a disaster. Kingsbury went 35-40 (.466) in six seasons at Texas Tech. He went 8-5 in his first season (2013), then was only above .500 once (7-6 in 2015). In those six years he also went 19-35 in the Big 12. The guy got fired at his alma mater…do you know how hard that is to do?


At most Kingsbury was ripe to pass out hotdogs inside an NFL stadium, but head coaching position? Nah, son.

And it can’t be lost that Kingsbury is replacing is Steve Wilks, a black man who was given exactly one year as a head coach before he was let go. The most woke newscaster Dale Hansen had this to say after learning that Kingsbury had been given a job.

And he’s right, “Kingsbury is an offensive genius, he’s young and he’s white and not necessarily in that order.”


If you wonder how this happens, here’s how:

According to a report by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, in 2017, less than 9 percent of the managers in NFL offices are black. 31.3 percent of the assistant coaches in the were black. 6.9 percent of team vice ents were black. 18 percent of General Managers were black. The NFL had no black CEOs, team presidents or owners


Only time will tell how this decision pans out but make no mistake about it, Kingsbury had the complexion for the connection and now he will get to prove if the job was really his to have while doing it.

If his middle name begins with a K, it would be perfect.

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