‘I need to start an OnlyFans:’ Attorneys in YSL gang trial say they aren’t getting paid enough

Yes, you read that correctly, an OnlyFans.

Prior to that shocking statement, D’Williams said that she came to court to question the executive director of the GPDC, Omotayo Alli. Still, she never showed up, and instead, her attorney spoke in her place.


The spokesperson told WSB-TV that public defenders who work for the GPDC are only being paid $15,000 to work on the entire YSL RICO case. But, they are “working” on finding additional funds to pay them.

KR Chowbey, another state-appointed attorney, told the local Georgia news station that if they cared more about people who are poor, and can’t afford to pay for an attorney on their own, then they would use taxpayer’s money more intelligently to help out defendants and attorneys.