Anti-Obama Protests in Johannesburg

Demonstrations during President Obama's South Africa visit (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

In Johannesburg, anti-Obama protesters who had gathered in front of the University of Johannesburg, where the U.S. president is slated to receive an honorary degree today, were greeted with rubber bullets, reports USA Today

Protests have been planned at the university over Obama's visit and the news that he is expected to receive an honorary doctorate when he speaks later Saturday.

"They don't believe Obama deserves that award. The U.S. position and its relationship with Israel has created a problem," said Levy Masete, president of the Student Representative Council. "The students say, 'Stop the oppression in Palestine,' and you want to honor this man who is making this oppression possible."

"He's here for our African resources," said Nomagugu Hloma, 19, a student at what she called the "sell out" university. "Hands off our gold, oil, diamonds and land," she said.


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