Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Final Trailer (2023)

.....I said what I said. But anyway, the reason why we’re rooting for “Kang” is because not only is he being played by the gift that is Jonathan Majors, but he’s quite literally poised as the next gargantuan level threat to Earth’s mightiest heroes (and the world as we know it).


Gargantuan? That’s a big word to give to some guy who goes by 500 different names.

Ehhh, it’s at least 10 but, go on.

So you’re telling me he’s bigger and even more worse than Thanos?

Yes, even bigger and even WORSER than Thanos.

But Thanos snapped away half of the population!

Yes, but he needed stones to do so. Kang, He Who Remains, or whatever you want to call him controls the very nature of time and existence itself and has apparently been doing so while overseeing the Sacred Timeline for a very long time (looking at you Loki; if you know, you know.)


So, wait if he’s that terrifying then why are we rooting for him?! Look at him!

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Screenshot: YouTube/Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, look at him.


See! That’s the face of—

A thespian? An artist? A man who well deserves to have his own dynasty and kick all the remaining Avenger’s asses?


Wow, since when did you become anti-Avengers??

I’m not! I’m just pro-Jonathan Majors/Kang and apparently, so are a lot of other people:


Alright, alright, alright. I give up, I’m clearly not changing your mind about this. I guess I’ll see what all the hype is about next month.

I guess you will. Sorry to this Ant-Man.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters Feb. 17.