Angie Martinez and Mary J. Blige

Celebrity radio personality Angie Martinez announced today the launch of her new online charity, Angie's Guest Closet (AGC). The virtual celebrity closet's debut auction will kick off on Friday, Oct. 15, with items from the personal closets of some of the world's most famous artists and celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Kim Kardashian and Idris Elba, among many others. “With AGC I hope to be a voice for research and those affected by breast cancer. This is a tribute to my mother, Shirley Maldonado, a breast cancer survivor, and all those confronting the cancer battle," said Martinez. Who says celebrities can't have authentic connections to important causes? 

Find out more about the auction at Angie's Guest Closet.

—Nsenga K. Burton


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